Ready to supercharge your growth?At Loaded Engine, we’re not just about generating leads; we’re about creating opportunities to boost your business to the NEXT level.

Book 5-10 Qualified Sales Calls EVERY month!ONLY Pay-Per-Lead!!

What it's like to partner with Loaded Engine?

Imagine having a lead generation powerhouse that works like a charm, bringing in an extra 5-10+ meetups with your dream clients every month!Say goodbye to the "Where's my next client coming from?" stress—gone for good!This isn't just any lead-generation machine; we can scale up and work through and enhance the entire sales process.

This is what some of my clients have said about me in the past....

The 3-Step Game Plan

Step 1: Onboarding
Let's team up to define your target market through my onboarding form.
I'll perform a comprehensive review of your existing lead generation strategies.
My strength lies in creating various sales assets to drive your outbound campaigns.
Step 2: Campaign Launch
I'll engineer an email infrastructure that churns out outreach emails on a grand scale to your target audience.
Rigorous testing of messages and campaigns will be my mission until we crack the code for your firm's optimal scalable system.
Step 3: Sales Meetings Booked
Witness your calendar getting packed with booked sales appointments.
My next step? Scaling up the successful email campaigns!
Bonus Stage: Additional Sales Strategies
If you're impressed by what you've seen so far, let's delve deeper and brainstorm strategies to expand your business.

The landscape of Business Consulting is booming, yet so is the swarm of competitors circling around!

You're giving it your all to expand and amplify your business,
but that steady stream of new clients remains elusive, even after exhausting every contact and referral in your network.
You crave a reliable flow of top-tier leads,
but amid juggling marketing, sales, and fulfilling demands, you're barely treading water.
You’ve ventured down the agency path before, only to find disappointment waiting!They dangle dazzling promises of success, only to fall short on delivery!Your time and money vanish into thin air, yielding meagre returns on your investments.It’s as if they have no regard for your business—because truthfully, they don’t!To them, you’re just a monthly payment waiting to be collected.

Meet Yasin: The Sales expert with 18 Years of Sales Wizardry!

I'm Yasin, a seasoned sales professional with 18 years of experience driving sales triumphs and fostering exponential growth.A Glimpse into My Journey:My journey includes conquering various sales arenas, from the nerve-racking thrill of cold-calling to mastering face-to-face and phone-based sales strategies.Starting as a sales consultant in a company generating £300,000 turnover, I quickly rose to the role of Sales Manager within 18 months. During my tenure, we soared past the £4,000,000 milestone in just 5 years.I've orchestrated groundbreaking strategies that fuelled remarkable business growth, steering three successful sales teams and nurturing talent to achieve remarkable results. Additionally, I spearheaded a new venture focused on a groundbreaking SaaS product, propelling it from ground zero to a staggering £1,300,000 in just 24 months.Let's collaborate to craft your sales success story! Together, we can transform your sales aspirations into tangible achievements.From brainstorming fresh ideas to crafting winning strategies, I'm here to join you on the path to achieving remarkable sales success!Let’s Craft Your Sales Success Story Together!Yasin Patel.
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Why Us? Because We Bring the Party to Lead Generation!

🚀 Precise Targeting: No more guessing games! Our special recipe ensures we hit the mark with your ideal customers and lead them right to your doorstep.⭐️ Emphasis on Quality: We value quality over quantity. Our approach involves selecting leads that are enthusiastic about engaging with your brand and have the potential to become devoted, lifelong advocates.🎯 Tailored Strategies: We’re the tailor for your lead generation suit! We craft bespoke strategies that fit your unique business style and goals.🤓 Rockstar Team: Our squad of lead generation maestros? They've got the experience, creativity, and flair to make your business the headline act.

Let’s ponder the alternative path

Choosing to stay put and do absolutely NOTHING.Keep riding the overwhelming wave of daily tasks.Struggle persistently to fill your pipeline with those sought-after, top-notch leads.Invest your precious time on calls with tire kickers.Never quite realizing the dream of building a firm you'd beam with pride about.

Why wait any longer?

If you are ready to scale your firm. If you want to stop wasting your time on ineffective systems and want tangible outcomes, let's chat!

Schedule a call using the calendar below to discuss your current scenario.There's zero commitment post-call.I'll just assess your systems and advise on crafting a blueprint for a scalable setup.Book a call, and let's tackle this challenge together!
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